Meet The Team

Professor Doctor


Justin Angle

Justin is a teacher, scholar, story-teller, athlete, husband and father. He’s executed $100 million bond trades, run 100 mile races, published in outlets like The Washington Post, and failed repeatedly to get his two daughters to bed without a battle.


Auditory Experience Manager


Jeff Meese

Jeff Meese is an audio dude who produces and edits all things multimedia at the College of Business and elsewhere. He likes to twist knobs and push buttons, travel in Asia, and holds a doctorate in cord untangling.

Aj Williams_Headshot.JPG

CED Producer


Aj Williams

Aj is a rust-belt midwesterner who boomerangs between the West and The Great Lakes. She has a background in documentary production and is a current grad student at the School of Journalism. Aj identifies as a short-legged fast walker, public media addict, pro gear-schlepper and bookworm in-training.