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Meet The Team

Creator and Host
Justin Angle

Justin is a teacher, scholar, story-teller, athlete, and father. He’s executed $100 million bond trades, run 100 mile races, published in outlets like The Washington Post, and failed repeatedly to get his two daughters to bed without a battle.


Keely Larson

Keely Larson was born and raised in Montana and hasn’t left. She worked for two years as a community journalist before getting her MA in environmental journalism at the University of Montana. Her work has been published in The New Republic, Ars Technica, Outside Business Journal, KFF Health News, Montana Free Press, and other outlets in Montana. She loves dancing, prosecco and running around the mountains, and wouldn’t say no to back up dancing for Missy Elliott if asked.


Production Assistant
Ella Hall

Ella grew up in the foothills of the North Cascades in Washington before venturing east for college and eventually across the Atlantic to spend two years teaching in France. She now finds herself happy to be back in the mountain west, and attending grad school at UM’s environmental journalism masters program. In her free time Ella enjoys pretty much any outdoor activity but trail running and skiing are at the top of the list.


Jeff Meese is an audio dude who produces and edits all things multimedia at the College of Business and elsewhere. He likes to twist knobs and push buttons, travel in Asia, and holds a doctorate in cord untangling.

Auditory Experience Manager Jeff Meese

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